Asus launches dedicated graphics card ‘dig coin’ RX470 and Mining Mining No.P106

Here are two dedicated VGA folder was Taiwanese manufacturer Asus to promote performance ‘ plough ‘ coin powerful, surged to more than 36%.

ASUS said Mining RX470 (code name Mining-RX470-4 g) and Mining P106 (code name Mining-P106-6 g) of 2 graphics cards dedicated to training community coin, likely dig faster to 36% over the coin with the common graphics stream.

Both Mining and Mining RX470 P106 is equipped with 2 fans with more advanced technology, using two bearings and friction reduction feature air. Compared with the traditional propeller type which is very susceptible to dry the oil after long time of use, the system of axial 2 bearings allowing prolong the fan of Mining RX470 and Mining P106 up twice.

Asus Mining RX470.
Of note is the VGA folder “water buffalo ploughs” also be tweaking, can operate continuously for long periods of 24/7. Therefore, Asus has added the ability for the fan system of dust-resistant product, IP5X standard. This standard means the fan system of Mining RX 470 and Mining dust resistant P106 good during operation, even in the harshest environments.

In addition, with GPU software Tweak comes, users RX470 and Mining Mining P106 can easily adjust the rhythm and pulse of voltage depending on each type of coin and different needs, for rate-the highest possible performance.

Both Mining and Mining RX470 P106 are produced based on proprietary technology Auto-Extreme-100% automatically in every stitch, using standard components Super Alloy Power II for optimum performance, energy savings and low temperature during operation.

Graphics card for duo Buffalo plough will be available from September 7/2017. In it, Mining RX470 will release the remaining Global Mining P106 will only appear in two Chinese and Eastern European markets.

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