Fever virtual money do graphic card price fluctuations

Many midrange graphics card model was “ploughed Buffalo” buy clean to serve the mining rush of virtual money.

According to Tom’s Hardware page, the recent recovery of the virtual currency and the growing popularity of the Ethereum has led to huge deficiencies in the GPU market.

Ethereum price – one of the most popular virtual currency currently pretty slow growth over the years, but from the beginning 2017 so far back suddenly skyrocketed. Specifically, only from 1/2017 month, Ethereum 10USD rises to the level of March and climbed into 400USD 50USD in June, though then just drop to 286USD. With such price context, many people hurried to join exploited Ethereum hopes chen legs share massive profits relationship from this virtual currency.

Among the devices the computer hardware, the graphics card is a very important component for the world exploiting virtual money, by GPU for better CPU performance many times.

At present, the line of the popular low level graphics card (like the RX 550 560 and AMD’s Radeon, GeForce GTX and NVIDIA Ti 1050 1050) is not affected much by them using the GPU is less powerful and not ideal for the exploration of virtual money.

However, the type of medium-range GPUS such as Radeon RX and RX 570 580 of AMD, as well as the GeForce GTX NVIDIA’s 1060, was affected, and almost the graphics card GPU line equipment were “LCL” clean. Users can find some sample card using Radeon RX 570 is available with high increase unexpectedly, while using the card Radeon RX 580 absent again on the shelves.

Compared to the card GeForce GTX 1060 a 6 GB may be pushing up near double the price, then the graphics card using GeForce GTX were also expensive 1070 “pricing from 330 USD up 459USD. However, at this price, the GeForce GTX 1080 become better options for those wishing to purchase high end graphics card, the GeForce GTX by 1080 (price from 473USD) so much more powerful than the GeForce GTX 1070.

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