Lenovo boost conversions personalized computing

Solutions ‘ PC ‘-PcaaS service of Lenovo provides your monthly rental model to help save the total cost of ownership, while the ThinkStation workstation P320 Tiny compact stand for high stability and performance.

Lenovo Tech Conference in the framework of the World TRANSFORM has officially announced the personal computer solution reliability and flexibility for enterprise customers, help meet the development needs of both personnel and work space.

Of these, ThinkStation workstation P320 featured Tiny with Super Compact appearance, but be sure to get the most important applications of customers with high reliability and stability. Private solutions “PC as service” (PcaaS) of Lenovo provides your monthly rental model fixed, very easy to management-is a combination of hardware and services into a single solution. Designed to eliminate the burden of shopping, deployment and management of computer assets, PcaaS helps increase the effectiveness of the product lifecycle and helps reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). 

ThinkStation workstations P320 featured Tiny with Super compact design, but has a promising performance.
According to Lenovo ThinkStation workstations, P320 Tiny compact design can take advantage of the tight space and brings powerful processing capabilities that customers can expect in an optimal station powerhouse. ThinkStation P320 Tiny also easy to set up and compatible with the ThinkCentre Lenovo’s Tiny accessories. Tiny ThinkStation workstation model P320 Tiny owns the remarkable power of the Intel Core processor, NVIDIA Quadro Graphics and certified ISV (independent software developer), delivers impressive performance for applications handling professional work. Even after the deployment of groundbreaking products, designing skyscrapers or training the future business owner, ThinkStation P320 Tiny are qualified to provide powerful processing power for business in a most compact design pattern. Therefore, the Office can maximize the strength, even with all the narrow space.

According to Lenovo, the PC solutions as services (PCaaS) was launched in order to simplify procurement processes, deployment, management and liquidation of assets the computer when encapsulate them into a unique solution, can be easily configured with fixed monthly costs. Businesses can choose the computer table, laptop, desktop, workstation, or the software and services, help provide end users the choice of more suitable equipment, help can be effective capital investment together with the development of the business.

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