Lenovo launches solution for comprehensive data center

Directory of ThinkSystem data center solution and Lenovo’s ThinkAgile provides for the Organization of the flexible resources, the ability to adapt to the new needs of the business.

According to Lenovo, ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile are catalog solution for comprehensive data center with the ability to help customers harness the power of “intellectual revolution”, at the same time creating a strong technology platform to support data analysis, high-performance computing/technical computing, cloud computing future , artificial intelligence and machine learning.

New ThinkSystem solution portfolio of Lenovo include servers, storage devices and network equipment. ThinkAgile is a directory of the solution is defined by the new software was developed based on the platform of the Lenovo system featured capital ThinkSystem by the ability to adapt to the new demands on it while still lowering the complexity and cost of the traditional fragmented it environment. When combined together, the ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile solution portfolio enables customers to get the optimal platform for a future data center such as simplicity, agility flexible and available for future needs.

New ThinkSystem solution portfolio of Lenovo include servers, storage devices and network equipment.
More specifically, the ThinkSystem directory with the server solutions, hosting and networking allows customers the ability to synchronize the IT infrastructure, contributing to achieve the level of quality of service is higher than in the operation of the data center, a factor that is closely related to business growth. Customers do not need to wonder to choose between many different technologies, about dependence on solution providers or technology can’t extend when application requirements increase. ThinkSystem also can work together smoothly and seamlessly with the equipment invested in an organization that does not need to rebuild the architecture of the data center. Customers can deploy without having to start again from the beginning. ThinkSystem inherited the best of what the traditional IBM Systemx server with Lenovo ThinkServer servers become a joint solution based on the thickness of the success of more than 150 world records about x 86 Server performance.

Lenovo ThinkAgile solution portfolio, integrated solutions that adapt to the new needs of the IT and business by providing solutions for simple, quick and the flexibility of the cloud services while maintaining the ability to control and management of critical it environment in place. The integrated solution, development and testing of the company provides powerful new capabilities for the customer’s data center, including life cycle management, total cost of ownership (TCO) lower and lower requirements for the IT resources to maintain that Foundation. This solution includes server ThinkAgile SX series for computing environment Microsoft Azure cloud crashing Stack, as well as the ThinkAgile rack server PRODUCT to integrate networking equipment with the Super solution converge to provide a seamless customer experience. Because of Lenovo is not bound by the old storage and network solutions, customers can trust that they can grow faster with solutions are defined by the software while still able to integrate seamlessly, easily with the existing equipment.

The launch of the ThinkSystem solution portfolio and new ThinkAgile of Lenovo, was designed for processors capable of Intel’s expansion would be a step of development, provides customers with solutions in the data center industry trust aims to support customers in the process of exploiting the value of the new work load as artificial intelligence and provide the service capacity in world class in both on-premises and in the cloud computing environment.

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