Optimization of smooth video with Google Photos

The latest version of the Google app Photos will allow users to remove the significant unwanted vibrations in the video with only the push of a button.

A lot of today’s smartphone model is the manufacturer of the equipment complex technology capable of stable image (also called vibration reduction) when users perform the recording through the camera, helps all scenes became more silky smooth.

However, even though the device has been integrated to many modern technologies, where the new person’s deciding factor the footage has been shaken or not, such as hand-shaking self status because of fatigue when holding the device to capture video in a certain period of time even just walking fit, … Therefore, people have felt frustrated when the video was filmed before.

Reality on the application, the Google online photo archive Photos Mobile device version has launched a new feature called Video stabilization.

Basically, the Video stabilization technology is reducing the vibration of the video automatically, helping video become smoother, of course is the vibration of the video must be in Google’s ability to make Photos.

Accordingly, in order to use this feature, you first need to make sure that Google has updated the Photos up to the latest version. In the event this application is not installed, you can access the online store on Android (here) and iOS (here).

In the main interface of Google Photos, select the video need to be optimized vibration. At this time, the video will be displayed in full screen (full screen).

On the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, you press the Edit button-shaped logo pen. Once there, the Edit menu will display the extra 2 option is Stabilize and Rotate, please select doesn’t block pop-ups that Stabilize.

Immediately, Google Photos will start the process of optimization of vibration of the video. Optimizing time will depend on the ability of processing equipment as well as the length and the quality of the video.

Once complete, you can manually reviews on video after optimization process is completed through an earlier version (preview). However, until the present time, users can’t compare between original and optimized version of the form side by side to verify the level of stability achieved.

If feel satisfied about the optimization, you press the Save button to save.

Below is a video about Video stabilization feature (right) Google’s Photos.

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